LogicBoost/Thycotic provides custom software solutions, programming support, and Agile coaching / training to the Washington, DC, metro area. Since 1996, our core focus has been high quality software development services, with an emphasis on communication, process improvement and visibility. We lead in the field of Agile software development using Agile/Lean techniques to deliver reliable code.

The LogicBoost edge is our full-service solution for your Agile software development project. Our experienced team can help satisfy your needs for Agile-related training, hands-on mentoring and programming support. Our solution starts at the most basic level by providing Agile training/coaching to introduce your team to the core Agile concepts and development techniques. Next comes face-to-face pair programming, with a senior Agile developer, reinforcing lessons learned, helpful tools, and best practices.

We believe in producing quality code, using next generation techniques.

Pragmatic Marketing offers the world’s most popular product management and marketing training.

A Pragmatic Approach – Our name says it all. We provide practical, actionable training that can be implemented the day you get back to the office. We also provide templates and tools to support your new outside-in approach. All of which means, you can start making an impact on your business and your products immediately.

The De Facto Standard – Since 1993, our team has trained over 75,000 product management and marketing professionals at 6,000 companies on six continents (we’re waiting for your call Antarctica). We have created a growing international community of strategic product management and marketing professionals that are changing the way companies bring successful products to market.

Real-World Experience – Our courses are developed and taught by individuals who have led the product management and marketing groups at many of today’s leading technology companies. Our instructors have all implemented the Pragmatic Marketing Framework in their own careers. They don’t teach from theory. They teach from experience and with a clear passion for the material.

Satisfied Customers – Over 90% of attendees rate the courses as essential or very useful to their careers, leaving the training with unbridled enthusiasm about their jobs and the impact they can have on their companies. Their enthusiasm and success is why 80% of our new business comes from word-of-mouth referral.

Trusted Name – Pragmatic Marketing instructors are sought the world over for their thought leadership in the product management and marketing spaces. They’ve presented at many industry events, written articles and even published their own books. We have also been honored five times by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. We are a trusted training partner.  Join us at a training course near you!

About Proficientz

Proficientz was founded in 2001 on a single principle – it’s more important for product teams to possess skills that create market value for their organization than it is for individuals to create better mousetraps.  Teaching individual product professionals how to improve the performance of their products doesn’t accomplish that goal because it forces product teams to compete in the interest of product goals that eventually work against the organization’s goals.

As market consolidation has resulted in larger and more complex portfolios, there’s a greater need for a more holistic approach to managing and marketing products.  Organizations can no longer afford to have product teams competing in the interest of product goals.  The more product strategies an organization has, the less strategic they are and the more diluted their collective market impact.

The Proficientz model for Product Portfolio Management raises the skills of your product teams to a level where they’re consistently creating greater market value for your organization by uncovering and solving bigger problems at a level that transcends products.  Product execution is still product specific but done with clearer purpose as directed by a single portfolio strategy.

Proficientz specializes in B2B product portfolio management. Our goal is to create world-class product teams that are more valuable to their organizations than a group of individuals striving to create better products.

As you know, ProductCamps provide a unique opportunity for Product Managers to learn from, teach to, and network with professionals involved in the product management process!ProductCamp DC is a valuable opportunity for your company to be in front of the Washington DC area’s leading product management professionals, who are looking for new ways to improve their product management methodology.

The attached Sponsorship Form describes opportunities available for the ProductCamp DC Spring 2012 event, being held May 5, at CustomInk, Inc. in Tysons Corner, VA.

Your organization should take advantage of this event to inform the Washington DC area’s leading product management professionals about your solutions. If you have any questions about ProductCamp DC, please contact Mike McGoogan at 724-591-2934.